Year In Review

NCBE’s annual Year in Review publication highlights the work of NCBE’s volunteers and staff in fulfilling its mission. It provides information about the many services NCBE provides to jurisdictions, the support it provides for applicants and for the bar admissions community, and the many educational events it produces and hosts. The Year in Review provides a data-filled snapshot into the work NCBE undertakes in its commitment to serving the bar admissions community.

NCBE 2022 Year in Review Report Cover

NCBE is pleased to provide the 2022 Year in Review. As you read through this eighth edition, I hope you gain appreciation for the exceptional work being done by the organization, its bar admissions partners, other stakeholders, and the many volunteers who serve on NCBE committees. I say exceptional because, as the Year in Review makes clear, the organization continues to update and improve its current portfolio of excellent products and services even as it prepares to deliver a new bar exam beginning in July 2026.