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Deadline January 25

March 2024 MPRE Registration

Building a Competent, Ethical, and Diverse Legal Profession

The National Conference of Bar Examiners, founded in 1931, is a not-for-profit corporation that develops licensing tests for bar admission and provides character and fitness investigation services. NCBE also provides testing, research, and educational services to jurisdictions; provides services to bar applicants on behalf of jurisdictions; and acts as a national clearinghouse for information about the bar examination and bar admissions.

Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination

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November MPRE scores are now available in NCBE Account File Cabinets.
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Registration for the March 2024 MPRE is now open.
Visit the MPRE Registration page to learn more.

Bar Exam Resources

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Jurisdiction Information

See summaries of bar admissions information for specific jurisdictions and contact information for bar admission agencies.

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Latest Bar Exam Results

View the July 2023 bar exam results by jurisdiction. 

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Bar Admission Requirements Online Guide

Review comprehensive information on bar admission requirements in all US jurisdictions.

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UBE Transfer

Take the UBE and earn a score that can be transferred to other UBE jurisdictions.

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MPRE, MBE, and UBE Score Services

Transfer or report your score to other jurisdictions, or learn your score.

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BarNow Study Aids

Learn about NCBE’s study aids for the MBE, MPT, MEE, and MPRE on our Study Aids page.

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Character and Fitness Application Process

Learn about how to navigate the character and fitness application process.

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July 2023 MEE and MPT Study Aids

The July 2023 MEE questions and analyses and MPT items and point sheets are available to purchase in BarNow. 

NextGen Bar Exam - Starting July 2026

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About the NextGen Bar Exam

Learn more about the NextGen bar exam, which will first be administered in July 2026.

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Content Scope

Explore the topics and skills to be tested on the NextGen bar exam.

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Sample Questions Now Available

Review examples of new question types that will be included in the NextGen bar exam.

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Subscribe for Updates

Stay up to date on the NextGen bar exam.

The Bar Examiner Online Magazine

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The Bar Examiner, NCBE's quarterly publication, provides comprehensive, authoritative information on current issues in bar admissions and legal education and features annual bar examination and admission statistics by jurisdiction.

The summer 2023 issue features insights into recent developments with the NextGen bar exam, legal educators’ perspectives on how the new exam will affect their work in the classroom, and more.

Click the button below to see the latest issue's table of contents or go directly to a featured article shown below.

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Addressing Bar Exam Stress: Practical Tips for Success

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Taking Stock and Taking Shape: NextGen Content Scope and Initial Sample Questions

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From My Perspective: Essays on the NextGen Bar Exam and Legal Education

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The Testing Column: AI and the Bar Exam

Diversity, Fairness, and Inclusion

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The mission of the National Conference of Bar Examiners is to promote fairness, integrity, and best practices in admission to the legal profession for the benefit and protection of the public. As part of our vision for a competent, ethical, and diverse legal profession, we take seriously the need to work toward greater equity in all that we do as a testing organization, and we actively work to eliminate any aspects of our exams that could contribute to performance disparities among different groups.

Upcoming Bar Exam Dates


Test Administration
February 28, 2024
Feb 28
Test Administration
July 31, 2024
Jul 31
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Test Administration
February 27, 2024
Feb 27
Test Administration
July 30, 2024
Jul 30
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Test Administration
February 27, 2024
Feb 27
Test Administration
July 30, 2024
Jul 30
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The Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) is composed of the MBE, MEE, and MPT (see dates above) and results in a portable score that can be transferred to other UBE jurisdictions.

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Upcoming MPRE Dates


Registration Deadline
January 25, 2024
Jan 25
Test Dates
March 26, 2024
Mar 26
Test Dates
March 27, 2024
Mar 27
Registration Deadline
June 12, 2024
Jun 12
Test Dates
August 13, 2024
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Test Dates
August 14, 2024
Aug 14
Registration Deadline
September 18, 2024
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Test Dates
November 7, 2024
Nov 7
Test Dates
November 8, 2024
Nov 8
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