Character & Fitness Investigations

NCBE conducts investigations only for those seeking to be certified as Foreign Legal Consultants (FLC) in Virginia.

Process Overview


Requirements, deadlines, and processing times vary among jurisdictions. Application processes are determined solely by the jurisdiction to which you are applying. Contact your jurisdiction for specific application instructions and deadlines.

Application and Fee

Contact The Virginia Board of Bar Examiners at for specific FLC application instructions and deadlines. Completing and submitting a character and fitness application is only part of the bar application process.
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How to Apply

NCBE conducts investigations on Foreign Legal Consultant (FLC) applicants only. All other applicants should contact Virginia Board of Bar Examiners for filing instructions. Please visit your jurisdiction’s website for submission instructions. FLC applicants can access the application by logging in to your NCBE Account. Submit all requested documentation with the application. Incomplete or inaccurate responses will cause delay.

Processing by NCBE

NCBE may contact the schools, employers, courts, etc., identified in your application to gather relevant information. A prompt response to any inquiries from NCBE staff is required to prevent delays. The jurisdiction to which you are applying may also contact you and others to gather information. If NCBE conducts an investigation, you may log in to your NCBE account to view status updates and you should monitor your email, NCBE Account, and text messages in case our investigators need additional information.

Final Review

The jurisdiction will review your application materials and, in some instances, NCBE's investigation report, and may require you to provide additional information or explanation or to appear for a personal interview. NCBE makes no determinations or recommendations regarding who is eligible or ineligible to practice law. Jurisdictions make this determination.