Use of ZoomText as an Accommodation

If approved by NCBE as an accommodation, ZoomText will be activated upon launch of the exam. Note that all candidates have the option to increase text size on the MPRE by 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, and 200%.

ZoomText allows for magnification greater than 200% and ability to change the color of screen/text. By requesting ZoomText, a candidate affirms that they are a proficient user of the program and understands that testing center personnel cannot assist candidates approved for ZoomText with software navigation before or during testing. There will likely be some differences between your typical use of ZoomText and the features available during the MPRE. For example, any keyboard commands that access the internet will not be available.

Please read through the keyboard shortcuts below:

  • Access ZoomText control panel: Caps Lock + Ctrl + U
  • Increase/decrease magnification: Caps Lock + Up Arrow/Down Arrow

Other shortcuts available to all candidates:

  • Alt + H to open the Help Menu
  • Alt + O to select “Okay” in pop-up windows
  • Alt + N to move to the next question
  • Alt + P to move to the previous question
  • Alt + D to open the Scratch Pad
  • Alt + J to use the highlight feature
  • Alt + W to use the strikethrough feature
  • Alt + V to display the Navigator window
  • Alt + F to flag a question

If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please contact MPRE Test Accommodation Services.