Use of JAWS as an Accommodation

A JAWS tutorial is available at tutorial shows the user how to access the features available on the Pearson VUE testing system, followed by five practice questions. It is recommended that you use a Chrome browser when using the tutorial. Note that there will be some differences between this tutorial and the actual MPRE. 

There are two options for the use of JAWS as an accommodation: you can (1) request to select your own examination responses; or, (2) request the presence of a Recorder to input answers as dictated by you. Note that a Recorder cannot answer or explain any content-related questions and will not read the exam. 

Please read through the keyboard shortcuts and instructions below to help you make an informed choice: 

  • ALT + N: Moves forward one question
  • ALT + P: Moves to the previous question
  • CTRL + Windows + ALT + Page Up/Page Down: Increases and decreases the reading speed within JAWS
  • ALT + D: Opens the Scratch Pad
    • Shift Tab to navigate to the Close Button to close the Scratch Pad 
    • Tab or Esc to exit the Edit Box in the Scratch Pad 
  • ALT + H: Opens the Help Menu
  • ALT + O: Selects OK in pop-up windows

Many candidates use the Tab and the Shift + Tab keys to navigate through these sections. Buttons in the exam (for example the Next and Previous buttons, which are used to progress through the exam) can be selected by navigating to the button and pressing the spacebar.

Using the arrow keys will move you from the test question to the answer options. You may use the A and Shift + A keys to navigate through the radio button response items.

To Independently Record Your Responses

When you have identified the correct response item, press the spacebar to check (or uncheck) that item. If you decide to change your answer, you can uncheck your original response by focusing on that response and pressing the spacebar. Then move focus to your updated response and press the spacebar to check that item. After you select your answer, use the Tab key to navigate away from the response items.

To Use a Recorder

After you dictate your final answer to the Recorder and it is entered, use the Tab key to navigate away from the answers to the Previous or Next buttons to move to the previous or next question.

If you request JAWS, the mode you choose (independent navigation or use of a Recorder) will be listed on the Application Summary posted to your File Cabinet and available in the MPRE Test Accommodations section of your NCBE Account after submitting your request.

If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please contact MPRE Test Accommodation Services.