MPRE Test Accommodations Extensions

Accommodations are approved with a period of eligibility. For example, requests for accommodations based on unchanging conditions may be approved for a period of eligibility of up to 24 months. The expiration date of an approved accommodation will be listed on your Accommodations Confirmation.

If you were previously approved for accommodations and wish to take the MPRE again within your period of eligibility (i.e., your accommodations will not expire on or before your intended test day), you do not need to reapply. You may proceed directly to your NCBE Account, register for the MPRE, and then schedule a test appointment after receiving your Authorization to Test email from Pearson VUE.

If you were previously approved for accommodations, and the period of eligibility has NOT expired but will do so on or before your intended test day, you may request an extension of those same approved accommodations. 

NOTE: Only accommodations approved AFTER January 1, 2020, may be extended.  If your accommodations were approved PRIOR to January 1, 2020, you must reapply for accommodations by submitting a new and complete application, following the requirements and instructions at How to Prepare Your Request for MPRE Test Accommodations.

To submit an extension request, please complete the Applicant Accommodations Extension Request Form. We strongly recommend that your request be submitted by secure upload via our website; alternatively, requests may be submitted by mail, fax, or attached to an email message sent to:

National Conference of Bar Examiners
MPRE Test Accommodation Services
302 South Bedford Street
Madison, WI 53703-3622
Fax: 608-316-3119

Please do NOT submit your request multiple times or by multiple methods (for example, do not send your request via fax and also via the Upload feature). If you have questions about how to submit your request, you may contact us by email at

NCBE usually processes an extension request within 25 business days of receipt.

Candidates are encouraged to submit an extension request well in advance of the accommodation’s expiration date and by the Recommended Submission Date for their intended MPRE administration. 

Please consider this in order to determine when to submit your extension request, and refer to Important Dates for MPRE Test Accommodations for more information.

IMPORTANT: Expired accommodations CANNOT be extended, and extension requests for accommodations that have expired will not be considered. If your approved accommodations have expired, you must submit a new request for accommodations, following the requirements and instructions listed under How to Prepare Your Request for MPRE Test Accommodations.

Additional or updated documentation may be required if there is any change in your condition or a change in your accommodations history since you last applied for MPRE accommodations. An extension may be granted only for the same previously approved accommodations.

Forms and documentation received by NCBE after the registration deadline for a specific MPRE administration will not be considered for that administration of the exam.

For questions regarding important dates and deadlines, please refer to Important Dates for MPRE Test Accommodations. For specific questions regarding MPRE registration and scheduling your test appointment, please contact MPRE Registration at