Character and Fitness

On behalf of participating jurisdictions, NCBE conducts character and fitness investigations on applicants seeking a license to practice law. Not all jurisdictions use NCBE's investigation services. 

Getting Started

Select the jurisdiction to which you are applying to determine whether it uses NCBE's investigation services.

Process Overview

CF Process4


Complete the required application and submit it to the appropriate office (NCBE or the jurisdiction) in a timely manner. Submit all requested documentation with the application. Incomplete or inaccurate responses will cause delay.


NCBE may contact the schools, employers, courts, etc., identified in your application and gather relevant information. A prompt response to any inquiries from NCBE staff is required to prevent delays. The jurisdiction to which you are applying may also contact you and others to gather information.


The jurisdiction will review your application materials and NCBE's investigation report and may require you to provide explanation or appear for a personal interview. 

NCBE's Character and Fitness Services

Requirements, deadlines, and processing timelines vary among jurisdictions. Decisions regarding your qualification for admission are made by the jurisdiction and not by NCBE. The information provided here relates only to NCBE’s character and fitness services.

Use Only as a General Guide

This information should be used only as a general guide. The application process is determined by the jurisdiction to which you are applying. Contact the jurisdiction to verify application instructions and deadlines.

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