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Does your jurisdiction license, register, or certify any categories of practitioners on a special basis (that is, other than via the regular examination or motion process)?
Alaska A person who is admitted and in good standing in another state may work for Alaska Legal Services inde nitely if he/she has not failed the Alaska bar exam. There is no application fee for military spouse temporary practice, but once the temporary waiver is granted, the attorney must pay bar dues.
Arizona Corporate counsel must register with the State Bar of Arizona; registration process does not constitute licensure for practice of law in Arizona. Pursuant to Arizona Supreme Court Rule 38(d), (e), and (f), limited practice in law school clinical programs, legal services organizations, and pro bono legal services organizations is allowed through registration with the Clerk of the Supreme Court. These programs do not constitute licensure to practice law in Arizona. Arizona allows military spouse attorneys who meet the requirements set forth in Rule 38(i) to apply for a one- year temporary admission with annual renewal subject to compliance with requirements and payment of application fee. Fee amount is dependent upon years of prior admission in another jurisdiction.
California The State Bar of California’s Multijurisdictional Practice program permits quali ed non-California attorneys to practice a limited scope of law in California. An attorney who is licensed to practice law in a U.S. jurisdiction may apply to be registered in the In-House Counsel Program or the Legal Services Attorney Program. Attorneys registered in these programs are not required to take the California bar exam but must submit an application for a moral character determination.
Colorado Other limited license categories include Judge Advocate (JAG) ($50), Military Spouse ($500), Law Professor ($500), Practice Pending Admission ($200), and Law Student (no fee). Limited licenses must be registered with the Of ce of Attorney Regulation.
Connecticut The Military Spouse Temporary License will be valid for 3 years provided certain requirements are met. The temporary license may be renewed for one additional 2-year period upon application and $300 fee.
Delaware Active attorneys may register as private legal service lawyers or government/corporate counsel. Private legal service lawyer fees are graduated based on years of admission elsewhere.
Florida There is not a separate fee, but authorized legal aid practitioners must  le a bar application and make arrangements, including payment of applicable fees, to take the next available Florida Bar Examination. The graduated bar examination fee for attorneys is based on years of admission elsewhere.
Hawaii A proposed rule change allowing limited admission of military spouse attorneys was opened for public comment in 2017. The comment period closed on October 17, 2017.
Illinois Attorneys licensed to practice in foreign jurisdictions are allowed to obtain a limited house counsel license. Indiana Indiana has a temporary license for clinical faculty, legal services, public defender, and pro bono representation.
Iowa Iowa corporate counsel must pay an $800 application fee and a $200 client security assessment. Pro bono licensing under Iowa’s Emeritus Attorney License rule is available only to attorneys who have been admitted to practice law in Iowa or who are or have been admitted to practice law before the highest court of any other state or territory of the United States or the District of Columbia. The attorney must practice under the general supervision of an approved legal aid organization.
Kansas Temporary admission on motion without examination of attorneys performing restricted legal services for single employers.
Kentucky Legal service and pro bono admissions are limited to certain employees of an organized public defender or legal services program in Kentucky. The license is limited to a period of 18 months. Military spouse temporary practice provisional admission requires 12 hours of Kentucky CLE, including 4 hours of ethics, and is renewable annually for no more than 4 times.
Maine Maine Rule of Civil Procedure 89(c) provides that attorneys licensed in other states may apply for short-term fellowships or grants to fund their work with legal services organizations in Maine without being admitted to practice in Maine. Rule 89(c) was adopted to permit, for no more than 2 years, practice by such attorneys employed on a full-time basis and supervised by the organizations.
Maryland Special certi cation for attorneys licensed in another state who are associated with an organized legal services program that is sponsored or approved by Legal Aid Bureau, Inc., enabling them to practice in Maryland for a period not to exceed 2 years. Corporate counsel licensed in another state may advise their employers without admission in Maryland and without any special license, registration, or certi cation. Registration fees for legal service attorneys and military spouse attorneys are waived if the attorney is working without compensation by the client or by the qualifying legal services entity.
Massachusetts Attorneys choosing “Pro Bono Inactive” status pay an annual registration fee of $61 to $201, depending upon the number of years of practice. Attorneys choosing “Pro Bono Retired” status pay no annual registration fee. Attorneys registered under either status are eligible to provide pro bono public legal services under the auspices of approved legal service organizations but are not permitted to perform legal services for any other person or entity. The Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners welcomes inquiries and petitions for Admission by Motion from attorney spouses of service members in the United States Uniformed Services. The Board is committed to working with the petitioner to accommodate his or her unique circumstances and to expedite the bar application process to the extent appropriate. Military spouse attorneys are encouraged to contact the Executive Director of the Board of Bar Examiners for more information regarding this process.
Minnesota A temporary legal services license may be applied for when an applicant has accepted employment in Minnesota with a legal services program. The license authorizes practice solely on behalf of the indigent clients of the designated legal services program and is valid for a period of 15 months. A house counsel license may be applied for on a temporary or permanent basis. A house counsel license is limited as to duration and scope of practice. Applicant must have been actively and lawfully engaged in the practice of law for at least 3 of the previous 5 years.
Nevada Must be employed by a legal aid bureau, public defender, or district attorney agency on a full-time basis, or employed as in-house counsel.
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