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Supplemental Remarks (continued)
Massachusetts Beginning March 1, 2018, all petitioners for admission must successfully complete an online multiple-choice test, based on substantive materials provided online, on key distinctions and essential highlights of Massachusetts law and procedure.
Missouri Rules require an open-book online test, the Missouri Educational Component Test (MECT), for applicants to complete as a condition of licensure. Review materials are posted to assist applicants.
Montana Montana Law Seminar attendance is required prior to admission. The course is offered the day after the bar exam. New Mexico One-day, in-person course on New Mexico law is required prior to admission.
New York Online course (NYLC) and online exam (NYLE) on New York law is required prior to admission for applicants seeking admission on examination or by UBE score transfer.
North Carolina General Applicants and UBE Transfer Applicants who  le an application for admission on or after June 30, 2018, will be required to successfully complete the UBE North Carolina State-Speci c Component to be eligible for licensure. This component is an online course comprising 6 one-hour video courses on North Carolina law subject areas, with three hurdle questions to be answered correctly at the conclusion of each subject area video.
South Carolina Must complete online Course of Study on South Carolina Law prior to admission.
Washington Washington Law Component (WLC) is an open-book, timed, online multiple-choice test with Washington-speci c study materials
available online to review prior to and during the test.
Virgin Islands Applicants must complete the Virgin Islands Law Component (VILC), which is an open-book, timed, online multiple-choice test with Virgin Islands–speci c study materials available online to review prior to and during the test.
Do you require passage of the MPRE?
New Jersey New Jersey applicants may satisfy the ethics requirement by earning a passing score in an approved law school ethics course.
What are the time parameters governing acceptance of MPRE scores?
Alabama UBE score transfer applicants must successfully complete the MPRE no earlier than 12 months before the transferred UBE score was earned.
Alaska Within 8 years of  ling an application.
Arizona Within 2 years before the successful bar examination or within 5 years after a UBE in which the applicant earned the minimum passing
score required by Arizona.
Colorado MPRE scores may be earned no more than 2 years prior to  ling application. MPRE need not be completed prior to  ling an application.
Connecticut Within 4 years before or within 1 year after the date the applicant  les his/her application for admission to the Connecticut bar.
District of Columbia No time limit.
Idaho No time limit.
Iowa No time limit.
Kansas To be eligible to  le a veri ed application for admission to the bar of Kansas, an applicant must (1) request the of cial MPRE score report to be reported to the Clerk of the Appellate Courts; and (2) receive a passing score as determined by the Board.
Maine An applicant for admission by transferred UBE score must have taken and obtained a passing score on the MPRE within 15 years prior to the date on which the application is  led.
Minnesota No time limit.
Missouri No time limit.
Montana MPRE scores of 80 or better are good for 3 years.
Nebraska 5 years after the release of the passing score.
New Hampshire No time limit.
New Jersey No time limit.
New Mexico MPRE scores must have been earned in the period starting 5 years before the application is submitted and ending 1 year after the date of administration of the UBE in which a transferred score was earned.
New York Applicants must take and pass the MPRE within 3 years either before or after passing the UBE, measured from the date the applicant sat for each exam.
North Dakota MPRE scores earned earlier than 5 years preceding receipt of an application will not be accepted. If the MPRE is taken after submission of an application, a score of 85 or higher needs to be earned within 2 years after receipt of an application for admission or the rule on automatic withdrawal of an incomplete application may be triggered.
Oregon Applicants must pass the MPRE, with a score of 85 or better, within 24 months of the date the UBE was given in the jurisdiction where the qualifying UBE score was earned.
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