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Supplemental Remarks (continued)
South Dakota Within 28 months prior to next scheduled exam.
Tennessee Applicants must receive a passing score within 2 years of passing the Tennessee Bar Exam, unless licensed and in good standing in
another U.S. state or territory; if so, then an MPRE score dated outside the 2-year period may be provided.
Texas Any time prior to, or within 2 years after, passing the Texas Bar Exam.
Vermont No sooner than 3 years before initially sitting for the UBE and no later than 1 year after being noti ed of having passed the UBE. Virginia Within 2 calendar years prior to or after passing the Virginia Bar Examination.
Washington MPRE score must be earned no more than 3 years prior to or 40 months after the successful UBE.
West Virginia 25 months from successful bar examination or from application for admission on motion.
Wyoming Applicant must submit evidence of a passing score.
Guam Within 2 years before or after the test date.
Northern Mariana Islands Within 3 years prior to or 6 months after taking the bar examination.
Palau 5 years from the date of the exam.
Virgin Islands MPRE scores obtained in another jurisdiction may be accepted provided that the scores certi ed are no more than 5 years old.
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