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North Dakota May be eligible for admission without written examination, upon proof of admission in another jurisdiction and proof applicant received scaled score of 150 or more on MBE taken as a part of and at the same time as essay or other written exam given by other jurisdiction and proof of MPRE passing score of at least 85. Petition for Admission and proof of eligibility must be  led with the Board within 2 years of date of exam in jurisdiction of admission.
Are there any time parameters within which an MPRE score must be earned or achieved?
Alabama Acceptable MPRE score is valid for 25 months from the date of administration of the MPRE.
Alaska Not more than 8 years prior to the applicant’s Alaska application for admission.
Arizona Within 2 years before the successful bar examination or within 5 years after the successful bar examination.
Arkansas 3 years before exam or 1 year after.
California Applicants may take the MPRE any time after completing their  rst year of law study.
Colorado MPRE scores may be earned no more than 2 years prior to  ling application. MPRE need not be completed prior to  ling an application.
Connecticut Within 4 years before or within 1 year after the date the applicant  les his/her application for admission to the Connecticut Bar.
Delaware Within 4 years preceding the year in which the applicant passes the Delaware Bar Examination.
Florida Within 25 months of the date of the administration of any part of the examination that is passed.
Hawaii The MPRE must be taken and passed not earlier than 2 years before the Hawaii Bar Examination, and the MPRE score must be of cially reported to the Board not later than 1 year after date of noti cation of passing the Hawaii Bar Examination.
Indiana Within 2 years before or after the date the applicant successfully takes the Indiana 2-day essay bar examination.
Iowa 3 years from when MPRE was taken.
Kansas To be eligible to sit for the UBE in Kansas, an applicant must (1) complete the MPRE; (2) request the of cial score to be reported to the Clerk of the Appellate Courts; and (3) receive a passing score as determined by the Board. An of cial score report must be received by the Clerk of the Appellate Courts no later than January 15 for the February examination and June 15 for the July examination.
Kentucky Applicants must have taken and passed the MPRE before being allowed to sit for the bar examination.
Louisiana A passing MPRE score is valid for 5 years from the date of the examination. However, an applicant who has been admitted to the bar of another state, passed the MPRE in ful llment of the bar admissions requirement(s) of the applicant’s state(s) of admission, and complied with the continuing legal education requirements of the applicant’s state(s) of admission will be considered to have satis ed the requirement.
Maine An applicant for admission by examination must have taken and obtained a passing score on the MPRE within 15 years prior to the date on which the application is  led.
Massachusetts The MPRE score report is a  ling requirement and therefore it must be taken and passed prior to applying for admission. Mississippi Within 24 months before or within 1 year after the date of administration of the Mississippi Bar Examination at which the applicant
receives a passing result.
Missouri An applicant must provide proof of a passing score within 1 year after the date of written noti cation of having passed the bar examination.
Montana Within 3 years from when the MPRE was taken or 9 months after successful completion of the Montana Bar Examination. Nebraska 5 years after the release of the passing score.
Nevada MPRE scores will not be accepted earlier than 3 years preceding the year in which an applicant passes the examination and not later than 3 years after the year in which an applicant passes the bar examination.
New Mexico MPRE scores must have been earned in the period starting 5 years before the application is submitted and ending 1 year after the applicant is noti ed that he or she has passed the bar exam.
New York Applicants must take and pass the MPRE within 3 years either before or after passing the New York Bar Examination, measured from the date the applicant sat for each exam.
North Carolina General Applicants must pass the MPRE within 24 months next preceding the beginning day of the written bar examination which the applicant passes, or within 24 months thereafter.
North Dakota MPRE scores earned earlier than 5 years preceding receipt of an application will not be accepted. If the MPRE is taken after submission of an application, a score of 85 or higher needs to be earned within 2 years after receipt of an application for admission or the rule on automatic withdrawal of an incomplete application may be triggered.
Oregon The applicant must pass the MPRE before being admitted to the Oregon State Bar, and the relevant score must have been earned within 24 months of passing the Oregon Bar Exam.
Rhode Island Applicants seeking admission under Article II, Rule 1 (admission on examination) must have achieved the required minimum MPRE score within the 5 years prior to the application deadline for the bar examination.
South Carolina MPRE must have been taken within 3 years of date on which application is  led.
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