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North Dakota The NCBE investigation fee of $225 ($250 eff. July 1, 2018) is required upon timely  ling of the law student registration. A $90 ($105 eff. July 1, 2018) supplemental investigation fee is paid to NCBE when applying to sit for the bar exam. No law student registration fee is paid to North Dakota, if timely  led. Late law student registration fees, ranging from $150 to $400, are paid to North Dakota if a registration is untimely  led. A registration  led by October 1 of the second year of law school or no later than 14 months after the  rst day of the  rst year of law school is considered timely.
Rhode Island A fee of $725 is required for all retakes. Applicants can defer to the next bar examination upon payment of a $300 deferral fee. MBE scores will be transferred upon payment of $25.
South Carolina Bar exam fee prior to  rst deadline is $1,000; bar exam fee prior to second deadline is $1,500. Any examinee who has been admitted to practice in another jurisdiction for more than 1 year must pay the bar exam fee plus $750.
South Dakota Additional character and  tness fees and  ngerprint run fees apply.
Tennessee The Tennessee Board of Law Examiners has  led a petition with the Supreme Court of Tennessee to adopt the Uniform Bar Examination effective with the February 2019 administration. The Court has issued an order soliciting written comments with a deadline of January 31, 2018. If the Court adopts the UBE, the bar exam fees will change.
Texas Bar exam fee for non-attorneys is $300 for Texas law students; $490 for out-of-state law students (out-of-state students do not pay law student registration fee of $190); $1,140 for foreign-educated non-attorneys. Bar exam fee for attorneys is $1,040 for attorneys licensed in another state; $1,140 for foreign attorneys.
Vermont Laptop takers must pay $50 to Vermont and are responsible for any registration/licensing fees charged by the company that facilitates the laptop process.
Virginia Bar exam application fee is $475 ($175 for deferred applicants). Character & Fitness Questionnaire (CFQ) fee is $475. Character & Fitness Update Form (CFUF) fee is $175. A CFQ or CFUF is required with every application. A CFQ is valid for 4 calendar years.
Wisconsin Bar exam fee is $450 for U.S.-educated applicants and $850 for graduates of law schools in other nations. All applicants retaking the exam pay a fee of $450.
Northern Mariana Islands Additional character and  tness fees vary.
Virgin Islands Bar exam fee for repeaters is $500 for each examination (MBE or MEE/MPT) that the applicant previously took in the Virgin
Islands but failed. If an applicant elects to retake one exam, the fee is $500. If an applicant elects to retake both exams, the fee is $1,000.
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