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If a foreign law school graduate obtains an LL.M. or other graduate law degree from an ABA-approved law school, is the graduate then eligible to take the bar examination on this basis alone?
California Applicant must have graduated and be eligible to take the admission exam in his/her foreign country and obtain an additional year of law study in certain courses at an ABA-approved or California-accredited law school in order to qualify to take the California Bar Exam.
Georgia A lawyer educated at a law school outside of the United States may meet the educational requirements and be eligible to take the exam if the foreign-educated lawyer graduated from a foreign law school that meets the requirements of the Rules; is authorized to practice law in the foreign jurisdiction; and has been awarded, by an ABA-approved law school, an LL.M. that meets the Curricular Criteria for LL.M. Program for the Practice of Law in the United States adopted by the Board of Bar Examiners.
Kentucky Applicant must still submit to education evaluation but additional degree has bearing on Board decision. Maine Applicant’s total education must be found to be substantially equivalent.
Massachusetts Not automatically, but depends on content (course of study) as well as other facts.
New Hampshire Not automatically. Applicant must meet other requirements for foreign law school graduates.
New York In most cases, but there are other factors.
Tennessee Applicant must prove that undergraduate and law school education are the equivalent of that required by an applicant who attended an
ABA-accredited law school or Tennessee law school approved by the Board of Law Examiners.
Vermont Graduates of foreign law schools that do not provide the equivalent of an education at an ABA-approved law school can cure that de ciency by obtaining an LL.M. degree at an ABA-approved law school, provided the LL.M. degree meets certain requirements pertaining to the amount and type of credit hours.
Washington An LL.M. degree for the practice of law must meet certain requirements.
Wisconsin Applicant must meet and show proof of the following requirements: (a) that the law school was approved in that foreign jurisdiction,
(b) that the LL.M. program meets speci c minimum requirements pertaining to total semester hours of credit, minutes of instruction, and duration
of program, and (c) that the LL.M. program consists of a certain number of semester hours of speci ed courses. The LL.M. program must be located at an ABA-approved law school and be completed within 24 months of enrollment.
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