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National Conference      Bar Admission
       of Bar Examiners      Information
                             Basic Information  Character and Fitness Determinations
                             Eligibility to Take the Bar Examination:
                             Legal Education
                             Eligibility to Take the Bar Examination:
                             Foreign Law School Graduates
                             Eligibility for Admission to the Bar:
                             Additional Requirements
                             Length of Examination, Application
                             Deadlines, and the UBE
                             Bar Examination Application Fees
                             Test Prerequisites for Licensure
                             Grading and Scoring
                             Admission by Transferred UBE Score/Fees
                             Admission on Motion/Fees
                             Reciprocity, Comity, and Attorneys’ Exams
                             Other Licenses and Registrations/Fees
                             Directory of State Bar Admission Agencies
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