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Directory of State Bar Admission Agencies

TENNESSEE                          WASHINGTON                        NORTHERN MARIANA
Lisa Perlen                        Gus V. Quiniones                  ISLANDS, COMMONWEALTH
Executive Director                 Admissions Manager                OF THE
Tennessee Board of Law Examiners   Washington State Bar Association  Nora V. Borja
511 Union St., Ste. 525            1325 4th Ave., Ste. 600           Bar Admissions Administrator
Nashville, TN 37219                Seattle, WA 98101-2539            Commonwealth of the Northern
TEL: 615-741-3234                  TEL: 206-727-8209
E-MAIL: BLE.Administrator@         FAX: 206-727-8313                   Mariana Islands Supreme Court
                                   E-MAIL:       P.O. Box 502165                                Saipan, MP 96950                                                        TEL: 670-236-9800
                                   WEST VIRGINIA                     FAX: 670-236-9702
TEXAS                              Madeleine J. Nibert               E-MAIL: supreme.court@
Susan Henricks                     Bar Admissions Administrator
Executive Director                 West Virginia Board of Law
Texas Board of Law Examiners                               
205 W. 14th St., #500                 Examiners
P.O. Box 13486                     City Center East, Ste. 1200 B     PALAU, REPUBLIC OF
Austin, TX 78711-3486              4700 MacCorkle Ave., SE           Allison I. Sengebau
TEL: 512-463-1621                  Charleston, WV 25304              Clerk of Courts
FAX: 512-463-5300                  TEL: 304-558-7815                 Palau Supreme Court                  FAX: 304-558-0831                 P.O. Box 248
                                           Koror, PW 96940
UTAH                                                                 TEL: 680-488-2607
Joni Dickson Seko                  WISCONSIN                         FAX: 680-488-2708
Deputy General Counsel             Jacquelynn B. Rothstein           E-MAIL: asengebau@
Admissions                         Director
Utah State Bar                     Wisconsin Board of Bar Examiners
Utah Law & Justice Center          P.O. Box 2748           
645 South 200 East                 Madison, WI 53701-2748
Salt Lake City, UT 84111-3834      TEL: 608-266-9760                 PUERTO RICO
TEL: 801-531-9077                  FAX: 608-266-1196                 Héctor Rodriguez Mulet
FAX: 801-531-0660                  E-MAIL:          Executive Director                            Board of Bar Examiners
                                                                     Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
VERMONT                            WYOMING
Michael Kennedy                    Cathy M. Duncil                      Supreme Court
Bar Counsel                        Admissions Director               P.O. Box 9022392
Office of the Court Administrator  Wyoming Board of Law Examiners    San Juan, PR 00902-2392
State of Vermont                   4124 Laramie St.                  TEL: 787-289-0170
111 State St., Ste. 9B             P.O. Box 109                      FAX: 787-289-0169
Montpelier, VT 05609-0701          Cheyenne, WY 82003-0109 
TEL: 802-828-3281                  TEL: 307-632-9061
FAX: 802-828-6550                  FAX: 307-632-3737                 VIRGIN ISLANDS
E-MAIL: jud.attylicensing@                Hon. Geoffrey W. Barnard
                                                                     Chairman                     GUAM                              Committee of Bar Examiners       Hannah Gutierrez-Arroyo           Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands
                                   Clerk of Court and Secretary      Attention: Elsie-Mae King
   bbe.aspx                        Supreme Court of Guam             Director of Bar Admissions
                                   Guam Judicial Center, #300        P.O. Box 590
VIRGINIA                           120 W. O’Brien Dr.                St. Thomas, VI 00804
Catherine Crooks Hill              Hagåtña, GU 96910-5174            TEL: 340-774-2237
Secretary-Treasurer                TEL: 671-475-3120                 FAX: 340-774-2258
Virginia Board of Bar Examiners    FAX: 671-475-3140                 E-MAIL: BarAdmissions@
2201 W. Broad St., #101  
Richmond, VA 23220-2022                                       
TEL: 804-367-0412                                          
FAX: 804-367-0416

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