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CHART 12: Reciprocity, Comity, and Attorneys’ Exams

                              Is admission on motion                                  Attorneys’ Exams
                          based on reciprocity (that is,
                          is it limited to candidates from  Is an attorney initially       Does your                 To qualify for the
                                                             admitted by diploma      jurisdiction offer an    Attorneys’ Exam, must an
                             some or all jurisdictions       privilege eligible for   Attorneys’ Exam?
                                 offering admission         admission on motion?                                      applicant be a
                                     on motion)?                                                             graduate of an ABA-approved
                                                             Yes No
                                Yes No                                             X                                    law school?
                                 X                                                 X
Jurisdiction                     X                                                 X  Yes No Yes No
Alabama                          X                            X                                            X
Alaska                                                                                                     X
Arizona                          X                            X                                            X
Arkansas                         X                            X                                            X
California                                                                             XX
Colorado                                             X        X                                            X
Connecticut                                                                                                X
Delaware                         X                                                 X                       X
District of Columbia                                                                                       X
Florida                          X                                                 X                       X
Georgia                                              X        X                        XX
Hawaii                                               X        X                                            X
Idaho                                                X        X                        XX
Illinois                                                                                                   X
Indiana                          X                                                 X                       X
Iowa                             X                            X                                            X
Kansas                                                                                                     X
Kentucky                         X                            X                                            X
Louisiana                                                                                                  X
Maine                                                X        X                        XX
Maryland                                             X        X                        XX
Massachusetts                                        X        X                                            X
Michigan                         X                            X                                            X
Minnesota                        X                            X                                            X
Mississippi                                          X                                                     X
Missouri                                             X                             X                       X
Montana                                                       X                                            X
Nebraska                         X                                                                         X
Nevada                           X                                                 X                       X
New Hampshire                    X                                                 X                       X
New Jersey                       X                            X                                            X
New Mexico                       X                            X                                            X
New York                                                      X                                            X
North Carolina                                       X        X                                            X
North Dakota                                         X                             X                       X
Ohio                             X                            X                                            X
Oklahoma                         X                                                 X                       X
Oregon                           X                            X                                            X
Pennsylvania                                                                                               X
Rhode Island                     X                            X                        XX
South Carolina                                       X        X                                            X
South Dakota                                         X        X                                            X
Tennessee                                                                                                  X
Texas                            X                                                 X                       X
Utah                                                 X        X                                            X
Vermont                                                       X                                            X
Virginia                         X                            X                                            X
Washington                                           X        X                                            X
West Virginia                                                 X                                            X
Wisconsin                        X                                                                         X
Wyoming                                              X                             X                       X
Guam                                                                                   XX
Northern Mariana Islands         X                                                     XX
Palau                                                                                                      X
Puerto Rico                                                                                                X
Virgin Islands                                                                                             X


                                                                                      CHART 12: Reciprocity, Comity, and Attorneys’ Exams 39
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