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New Mexico New attorneys who are practicing in New Mexico and have practiced law for less than 2 years must participate in the 1-year Bridge
the Gap Mentorship Program.
New York Newly admitted lawyers must complete 32 hours of continuing legal education credits within the first 2 years of admission to the bar.
North Carolina Active members must complete the North Carolina State Bar Professionalism for New Admittees Program in the year the member
is first required to meet CLE requirements. Those licensed in another state for 5 or more years at the time admitted are exempt from this require­
ment but must notify the North Carolina State Bar of their exemption.
Ohio New admittees must comply with New Lawyer Training requirements.
Oregon 15 CLE credits in the first reporting period, including 10 practical skills, 1 legal ethics, 1 child abuse reporting, and 1 elimination of bias.
All newly admitted attorneys are subject to the State Bar’s New Lawyer Mentoring Program for their first year of practice.
Pennsylvania The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania requires newly admitted lawyers to complete the Bridge the Gap program prior to their first
CLE compliance deadline.
Rhode Island Completion of training course sponsored by the bar association and approved by the Supreme Court within 1 year of admission.
Texas Mandatory seminar within 1 year of admission.
Utah Active, new admittees with less than 2 years of legal practice must complete mandatory new lawyer training program within the first year of
Vermont Applicants admitted by examination or transferred UBE score must complete a mentorship and 15 hours of specific CLE within 1 year of
West Virginia Within 1 year of admission, must complete bridge-the-gap seminar.
Wyoming New admittees by examination or by UBE score transfer must complete a 6-hour Wyoming State Bar Continuing Legal Education
course on professional practice within 1 year of admission.
Does your jurisdiction have a post-admission mandatory Continuing Legal Education (CLE) requirement?
Delaware Requirements may differ for senior attorneys, newly admitted attorneys, and attorneys resuming active practice after a period of inactivity.

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