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CHART 3: Eligibility to Take the Bar Examination: Legal Education (continued )

Note: For foreign law school graduates’ eligibility to take the bar examination, see Chart 4, pages 12–13.

                   Is eligibility                If not, what other means of legal study do your                   Additional requirements
                   to take the                        rules permit for bar exam applicants?
                    bar exam
                    limited to      Non-ABA­      Non-ABA­     Law office  Correspon­               Online    Specified       Bar     Specified
                  J.D. or LL.B.     approved                      study    dence law              law school  number of   admission   number of
                  graduates of     in-state law   approved                                                     hours at   in another   years of
                 ABA-approved                    out-of-state                 school                                                   practice
                  law schools         school      law school                                                     ABA-        state
                   under your                                                                                 approved
                                                                                                              law school

Jurisdiction     Yes No
North Dakota

Ohio                X*

Oklahoma         X

Oregon X X                                                                 XX                                             XX

Pennsylvania        X                            X                                                                        XX

Rhode Island        X                            X                                                                        XX

South Carolina   X

South Dakota     X

Tennessee           XX                           X                                                                        XX

Texas               XX                                                                                                    XX

Utah                XX                                                                                                    XX

Vermont             X                            XX

Virginia            X                                          X

Washington          XX X X                                                                                    X

West Virginia       X                            XX                                                                       X

Wisconsin           X                            X                                                                        X

Wyoming          X

Guam             X                               X
Mariana Islands            X


Puerto Rico         XX

Virgin Islands      X*

*Foreign law degree is the only non-ABA-approved category of legal education permitted; see Chart 4, pages 12–13.

                                                    Supplemental Remarks

Is eligibility to take the bar examination limited to J.D. or LL.B. graduates of ABA-approved law schools under your rules?

Alabama Graduates of unaccredited law schools who wish to sit for the bar exam must be licensed and in good standing for the past 5 years in
the state where the unaccredited law school from which they graduated is located and that state must have a reciprocal agreement with the state
of Alabama allowing graduates of Alabama’s unaccredited law schools to sit for that state’s bar examination. At this time no state or jurisdiction has
such a reciprocal agreement with Alabama.

Alaska Graduates of non-ABA-approved law schools who have passed the bar exam in another state are eligible to take the bar exam without
additional legal education after 5 years’ active practice in another jurisdiction in which they have been admitted.

Arizona Graduates of non-ABA-approved law schools can write the examination if they have been actively engaged in the practice of law in some
other state or states for at least 3 of the last 5 years prior to filing an application for admission to practice in Arizona.

                                                                                                                                                                                          (continued )

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