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CHART 1: Basic Information

                               What authority              Is there a specific  Is there a residency   Is registration  Are law students
                                 promulgates               prelegal education     requirement for     of law students   eligible to take the
                          the rules for admission?                                    licensing?                        bar exam before
                                                              requirement?                              required?*
                                                                                  Yes No                                   graduation?

Jurisdiction                State     State                Yes  No                                 X  Yes No Yes No
                          Supreme  Legislature              X                                      X
                                                                X                                  X   XX
                            Court                           X   X                  X                                   XX
                                                                X                                  X                   XX
Alabama                   X        X                        X   X                                  X                   XX
Alaska                    X        X                            X                  X
Arizona                   X                                 X   X                                  X   XX
Arkansas                  X        X                            X                                  X                   XX
California                X        X                        X   X                                  X                   XX
Colorado                  X        X                            X                                  X                   XX
Connecticut               X        X                        X                                      X                   XX
Delaware                  X                                     X                                  X                   XX
District of Columbia      X        X                        X   X                                  X                   XX
Florida                   X        X                        X   X                                  X                   XX
Georgia                   X        X                        X   X                                  X                   XX
Hawaii                    X        X                        X                                      X                   XX
Idaho                                                       X   X                                  X                   XX
                          X                                     X                                  X
Illinois                                                    X   X                                  X   XX
Indiana                   X                                 X                                      X                   XX
Iowa                      X                                 X   X                                  X                   XX
Kansas                    X                                     X                                  X
Kentucky                  X                                 X   X                                  X   XX
Louisiana                 X                                 X                                      X                   XX
Maine                     X                                 X   X                                  X                   XX
Maryland                  X                                 X   X                                  X                   XX
Massachusetts             X                                 X   X                                  X                   XX
Michigan                  X                                     X                                  X                   XX
Minnesota                 X                                 X   X                  X
Mississippi               X                                     X                                  X   XX
Missouri                  X                                 X   X                                  X                   XX
Montana                   X                                     X                                  X                   XX
Nebraska                  X                                 X   X                                  X                   XX
Nevada                    X                                     X                                  X                   XX
New Hampshire             X                                 X                                      X                   XX
New Jersey                X                                 X   X                                  X                   XX
New Mexico                X                                 X                                      X                   XX
New York                  X                                 X                                      X                   XX
North Carolina            X                                                        X                                   XX
North Dakota              X                                                                        X
Ohio                      X                                                                        X   XX
Oklahoma                  X                                                                        X   XX
Oregon                    X                                                                        X   XX
Pennsylvania              X                                                                        X
Rhode Island              X                                                                        X                   XX
South Carolina            X                                                                        X                   XX
South Dakota              X                                                                        X                   XX
Tennessee                 X                                                                        X                   XX
Texas                     X                                                                        X                   XX
Utah                      X                                                                        X                   XX
Vermont                   X                                                                        X   XX
Virginia                  X                                                                        X                   XX
Washington                X                                                                        X                   XX
West Virginia             X                                                                        X                   XX
Wisconsin                 X                                                                        X                   XX
Wyoming                   X                                                                                            XX
Guam                      X                                                                                            XX
Northern Mariana Islands  X                                                                                            XX
Palau                     X                                                                                            XX
Puerto Rico               X                                                                                            XX
Virgin Islands            X                                                                                            XX
                          X                                                                                            XX
*See Chart 7, page 23, for law student registration fees.

                                                                                                                         CHART I: Basic Information 1
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