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Chair: Chair-Elect: Vice Chair: Secretary: Immediate Past Chair: ABA House of Delegates Representatives:
Board of Governors Liaison:
Managing Director of Accreditation and Legal Education: Deputy Managing Director: Associate Consultant: Assistant Consultant: Assistant Consultant:
Joan Howland, Minneapolis, MN
Hon. Rebecca White Berch, Phoenix, AZ Gregory G. Murphy, Billings, MT
Edward N. Tucker, Baltimore, MD
Hon. Solomon Oliver, Jr., Cleveland, OH
Hon. Ruth V. McGregor, Phoenix, AZ
Hon. Christine M. Durham, Salt Lake City, UT Thomas R. Curtin, Morristown, NJ
Barry Currier William E. Adams Camille deJorna Stephanie Giggetts Charlotte Stretch
National Conference of Bar Examiners
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Chair: President: Immediate Past Chair: Chair-Elect: Secretary: Board of Trustees:
ABA House of Delegates Representative:
Bryan R. Williams, New York, NY Erica Moeser, Madison, WI
Margaret Fuller Corneille, St. Paul, MN Hon. Thomas J. Bice, Fort Dodge, IA Robert A. Chong, Honolulu, HI
Hulett H. Askew, Atlanta, GA
Hon. Rebecca White Berch, Phoenix, AZ Patrick R. Dixon, Newport Beach, CA Michele A. Gavagni, Tallahassee, FL Gordon J. MacDonald, Manchester, NH Hon. Cynthia L. Martin, Kansas City, MO Suzanne K. Richards, Columbus, OH
Hon. Phyllis D. Thompson, Washington, DC Hon. Jequita Harmon Napoli, Norman, OK
American Bar Association Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar
321 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60654-7598 312-988-6738 • Fax 312-988-5681
ABA Bar Admissions Committee
Chair: National Conference of Bar Examiners Liaison:
Hon. Cynthia L. Martin, Kansas City, MO Erica Moeser, Madison, WI
Allen Easley, Fullerton, CA
JoAnne Epps, Philadelphia, PA
Victoria A. Graffeo, Albany, NY Freddie Pitcher, Jr., Baton Rouge, LA Kathryn R.L. Rand, Grand Forks, ND Paul Teich, Boston, MA
Marilyn J. Wellington, Boston, MA
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