Bar Admission Guide

2018 Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admissions

The Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements provides annually updated information on bar admission requirements in all U.S. jurisdictions, including a directory of state bar admission agencies. It is published in collaboration with the American Bar Association. It is available for viewing on this page and is also available for purchase at the NCBE Study Aids Store.

NOTE: The information in this publication is correct as submitted to NCBE by contributing jurisdictions at the time of publication. It should be used only as a general guide. Since jurisdiction rules and policies change, NCBE strongly advises consulting the jurisdiction's bar admission agency directly for the most current information.

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Chart 1 : Basic Information
Chart 2 : Character and Fitness Determinations
Chart 3 : Eligibility to Take the Bar Examination: Legal Education
Chart 4 : Eligibility to Take the Bar Examination: Foreign Law School Graduates
Chart 5 : Eligibility for Admission to the Bar: Additional Requirements
Chart 6 : Length of Examination, Application Deadlines, and the UBE
Chart 7 : Bar Exam Application Fees
Chart 8 : Test Prerequisites for Licensure 
Chart 9 : Grading and Scoring 
Chart 10 : Admission by Transferred UBE Score/Fees 
Chart 11 : Admission on Motion/Fees
Chart 12 : Reciprocity, Comity, and Attorneys' Exams
Chart 13 : Other License and Registrations/Fees