MPRE Test Accommodations for Repeat Applicants

If you register to take the MPRE again or on another test date and wish to request accommodations, you must submit a new Applicant Request Form every time you register, regardless of whether a previous request was approved or denied. 

If you requested accommodations for the MPRE within the preceding two years, you do not need to resubmit the supporting documentation you previously provided (medical documentation, proof of past accommodations, standardized test score reports, personal narrative). NCBE retains for two years the supporting documentation of applicants (1) who registered but did not take the MPRE, and (2) who took the MPRE but did not earn a passing score. (A score of 86 or higher meets every jurisdiction’s minimum score requirement and is considered “passing” for this purpose only.)

Additional or updated documentation may be required if there is any change in the accommodations you are requesting, in your condition, or in your accommodations history since you last applied for MPRE accommodations.

Change in Your Request 

If you make any change to the accommodations you are requesting from what you previously requested, additional supporting documentation is necessary if your prior documentation does not demonstrate the need for the new accommodation(s). 

Change in Your Condition

If your disability can change over time (e.g., chronic health-related conditions, psychological conditions, physical conditions), updated supporting documentation is necessary if your prior documentation does not establish your current functional limitations and need for accommodations. 

Change in Your Accommodations History

If you were granted accommodations by other testing agencies or schools since you last requested accommodations on the MPRE, proof of those accommodations is necessary.