MPRE Test Accommodations Decisions

NCBE reviews requests for accommodations in the order received and usually makes decisions within 15 business days of receipt. All correspondence from NCBE regarding your accommodations request will be sent exclusively by electronic posting to your NCBE Account File Cabinet unless you specify paper correspondence in your Applicant Request Form.

If Your Request Is Granted 

If your request is granted in whole or in part, NCBE will post an Accommodations Confirmation to your NCBE Account File Cabinet listing the approved accommodations. The accommodations are for the test date noted in the Accommodations Confirmation only and are not guaranteed for future test dates. 

NCBE will notify our test contractor, LSAC, of your approved accommodations so that LSAC can make arrangements with the test center. NCBE does not disclose information about the nature of your disability to LSAC except to the extent necessary to facilitate the administration of the approved accommodations. Once LSAC has confirmed arrangements with the test center, LSAC will post an alert to your MPRE Account (not your NCBE Account) approximately two weeks before the test date. If the test center that you selected during registration is unable to provide the approved accommodations, LSAC may assign you to a different test center. 

If Your Request Is Not Granted

If your request for accommodations is not granted, you will be notified of the reason(s) for NCBE’s decision. If you do not agree with NCBE’s decision, you may seek reconsideration by submitting a completed Applicant Reconsideration Request Form along with any additional documentation you wish to have considered. Your Applicant Reconsideration Request Form and additional documentation must be received by NCBE by the late registration deadline for your MPRE test date. There are NO exceptions to the deadline. Once the deadline has passed, NCBE’s decision is final for that test administration. 

Accommodations for the Bar Exam

State bar examinations are separate and distinct from the MPRE. NCBE is not responsible for administering state bar examinations or for making accommodations decisions for state bar examinations.