MEE Test Day Policies

Notice to Examinees: Prohibited Behaviors

The following conduct is prohibited during the examination, as it undermines the integrity and fairness of the examination process:

  • bringing unauthorized electronic devices (whether turned on or off) or unauthorized materials into the testing room, including, but not limited to, cell or mobile phones, watches, fitness trackers, media players, headphones, language translators, picture-taking devices, and written materials (including books and notes)
  • taking test materials out of the testing room during any scheduled or unscheduled break or at the conclusion of the testing period
  • creating or causing a disruption or disturbance
  • copying answers from another examinee or sharing answers with another examinee
  • continuing to work after a supervisor has instructed examinees to stop writing

NOTE: Jurisdictions may prohibit additional items and behavior, and examinees must follow the rules and policies of the jurisdiction in which they test.

Engaging in prohibited conduct during the examination could result in some or all of the following penalties:

  • civil liability
  • criminal penalties
  • cancellation of the examinee’s test scores
  • denial of the examinee’s application to sit for future exams
  • denial of the examinee’s bar application on character and fitness grounds
  • disciplinary action by a bar authority if the examinee is already admitted to practice law