New Mexico

NCBE provides character and fitness services for the following applicant types in New Mexico:

  • Attorney
  • Admission by Transferred UBE Score

How to Apply

Complete the application by logging in to your NCBE Account. NCBE does not conduct investigations for all applicant types; note that some types may have different filing instructions. Contact New Mexico for specific filing instructions.

Application and Fee

Applications will not be considered until the required authorizations are received. Submission requirements vary by jurisdiction. A detailed checklist, with mailing instructions, is available after finalizing your online application. Completing and submitting a character and fitness application is only part of the bar application process.

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NCBE's Character and Fitness Services

Requirements, deadlines, and processing timelines vary among jurisdictions. Decisions regarding your qualification for admission are made by the jurisdiction and not by NCBE. The information provided here relates only to NCBE’s character and fitness services.

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Use Only as a General Guide

This information should be used only as a general guide. The application process is determined by the jurisdiction to which you are applying. Contact the jurisdiction to verify application instructions and deadlines.